“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.”


WhitesPoint is a real estate investment firm that specializes in acquiring the highest quality real estate investment opportunities across the United States. Our 2-step process is simple but rigorous. First, we identify and partner with top notch operators that have a proven track record for delivering above average returns. After the operators have passed our in-depth due diligence process, we then begin analyzing each deal they present us to ensure it not only meets but exceeds our return requirements. 

The WhitesPoint Team consists of Mark Boutin and Michael Susi whom both currently reside in Maine. Through their combined experience of completing value-add projects, they leveraged their complementary skill-sets and experience to form WhitesPoint with a common goal:

Provide a truly passive investment experience so you, the investor,

can grow your wealth confidently without any added responsibilities.

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Mark Boutin, CPA

Mark brings 18+ years of executive corporate finance experience to WhitesPoint. Located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Mark is currently invested, both actively and passively, in 105 units across 3 major U.S. markets. Using a value-add strategy, Mark acquires and rehabilitates properties to provide the highest quality homes for individuals and families to enjoy. Through his mission of having a human and territorial impact on all those he serves, he works tirelessly to uphold his fiscal and moral responsibility to all stakeholders.


Mark’s corporate finance background has been concentrated in executive accounting & finance roles in both public and private accounting positions. From the beginning of his career in public accounting at KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting firms, and then into the private sector, Mark has held numerous finance leadership roles. In these roles, he has been monumental in improving financial performance and driving company efficiencies, making it possible to scale to the next level.  The knowledge and experience he has gained throughout his finance career range from in-depth financial analysis to strategic planning, all of which are very valuable skill sets to have in commercial multifamily investing.

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Michael Susi

Mike was born and raised in southern Maine, getting his start in real estate in the private lending space. His experience gained in private lending and his own real estate investments have prepared him well for making WhitesPoint’s mission possible. 


Overseeing the financing of 50+ value-add projects has provided a strong foundation for selecting deals that best protect investor’s capital, while maximizing potential returns. This experience in conjunction with experience from his own value-add projects has provided a sound understanding of project/construction management, and an eye for the type of product WhitesPoint seeks to invest in at scale.